My First Blog Ever!

This is my first blog ever! I decided to make my blogging debut with Ezra, my favorite Old Testament character. A Jew born and raised in Babylon in fifth century BC, Ezra had several credentials to his benefit. To name a few, an enviable family background, outstanding education, and had access to the top guy of the Persian Empire. With these outstanding credentials, Ezra could have easily built a fantastic career for himself in Babylon, but he chose to do something different—he chose to go to Jerusalem to help his fellow-Jews mend their relationship with Yahweh, their God.

Before Ezra left for Jerusalem, he made sure that he had everything to maximize his mission. First he formed a team of men with outstanding abilities. Until he found the right person to be part of his team, he would not begin his journey. Ezra cashed his relationship with the Emperor into materials and organizational favors that were needed to fuel his work in Jerusalem. The Emperor regarded Ezra so high that he wrote a personal letter of favor that would help Ezra throughout his work. In addition to the royal letter that granted him unlimited supply of materials and security, the king also gave him abundance of resources to be successful on his mission. With all these things at his disposal—people, finance, Emperor’s letter, Ezra would not leave Babylon. To him, people, finance, and Emperor’s letter were mere tools that he did not want to put his trust on them to succeed in his mission. So, he fasts and prays for three days and expresses his dependence on God.

I see several leadership principles from Ezra 7-10. They are for my upcoming blogs.